This site is dedicated to American veterans everywhere and in memory of US Army, DAV, Robert W. Herbert

Start a KTAV Chapter

Kids Thank a Veteran is now branching out. We are formng Chapters throughout the US for chldren's groups that want to thank our veterans. Every chapter will be featured in the new navigation button that will be titled "KTAV National Chapters".

Every time a chapter does something to thank or serve our veterans, they will be featured in this section, along with any pictures they would like included.

In order to help with some of the costs of Chapter certificates, newsletters, etc., we will be asking for a $10 one time registration fee for each teacher or single group, or a $25 one time fee that will cover an entire school. Once a teacher, group or school is registered, they are always Chapter members and there is never another fee.

If you would like to start a KTAV Chapter, please send an email to or use our Contact Us Form to find out additional information.

New KTAV Chapters

Tampa Palms Elementary
Tampa, Florida
"Tampa Palms Eagles"

Sandy Garrett
Trenton NJ

Steven Boor, Sr. Memorial Chapter

Heights Elementary School
Texas City, Texas

York Elementary School
New Philadelphia, Ohio

Howell Middle School South
Howell, NJ

Lexington Middle School
Lexington Missouri
TOP Chapter

Cleveland Elementary School
Tampa, FL
Kindergarten Cubs Care Chapter

Athens Middle School
Athens, AL
Eagle Gang Charter
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