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Patriotic Crafts

     There are many patriotic crafts that are fun and easy to do. Here are some suggestions that can be done for special holidays or whenever you feel patriotic.

Wall hanging--Needed: a paper plate, red, white and blue tissue paper cut in 2 inch squares, glue. Crumple the squares and glue them on the paper plate in a flag pattern. Hang with a red ribbon.

Sneaker painting--Needed: old white sneakers, red, white and blue acrylic paint or permanent markers. Decorate the sneakers by painting stars, flags, etc. (Red or blue shoe laces add a finishing touch)

Pencil holder--Needed: empty soup can, red, white and blue yarn. Take off the top and bottom of the can. Wind the yarn through the can, around the outside, through the can, around the outside over and over, alternating colors, until the can is covered. OR Needed: empty toilet paper roll and craft sticks, red, white and blue markers or paint. Paint or color the craft sticks and glue them to the toilet paper roll.

Star wreath--Needed: red white and blue paper, glue. Cut stars (3 to 4 inches). Arrange them in a circular shape, overlapping the edges, alternating color. (Hint--lay them on waxed paper as you glue them)

Patriotic bird house--Needed: wooden birdhouse (for outside), red, white and blue acrylic paint, brushes. Paint the birdhouse in any pattern. (Hint--finishing spray will prevent the paint from peeling)

Bookmark--Needed: red, white and blue paper cut into 2 x 6 inch strips (can be made any size). Decorate with flag stickers, patriotic sayings, etc.

Place mats--Needed: glue, red white and blue paper. Cut paper into 14 inch and 12 inch strips. Weave them, alternating colors and glue the ends in place.

Craft stick flag--Needed: eleven craft sticks, glue, red, white and blue markers or crayons. Lay nine sticks side by side. Glue two sticks vertically to the nine for support. Turn it over and color or paint a flag.

Flower pot--Needed: small plastic (works better than clay) flower pot, red, white and blue acrylic paint. Paint stars or a flag on the flower pot. Complete the project with some potting soil and seeds.

Chain--Needed: red white and blue paper, glue or stapler, names of soldiers from your area or famous American soldiers from the past. Cut strips of paper into one by ten inch strips. Write the name of a soldier on each strip and hook them together in a chain.

Painted rocks--Needed: rock, any size, red, white and blue acrylic paint. Paint on a patriotic design.

Patriotic pencils--Needed: red, white and blue tape, pencil. Wrap the tape around the pencil (one inch wide pieces), alternating colors.

Windsock--Needed: toilet paper roll (for larger windsock use an empty oatmeal container and cut off the bottom), red and white tissue paper, glue, blue and white paper. Wrap the container in blue paper. Cut small white stars and glue them on the blue background. Cut strips of red and white tissue paper (one inch by 12 inches (size can vary) and glue them to the bottom of the tube. Hang it from string.

Bracelet--Needed: thin elastic string (at any craft store), red, white and blue beads. String the beads on the elastic, tie the ends together.

Patriotic frame--Needed: old wooden picture frame, red, white and blue acrylic paint. Paint the frame in a patriotic design.

Flag cake--Needed: cake (9x13), food coloring, white icing. Create a flag pattern using food coloring. (Alternate: use red and blue candy)
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