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Famous Vets
Throughout our history there have been many veterans who became famous. Some because of their leadership and some because of their bravery. Many veterans became famous after their service in the military because of success in the careers they chose. Although many people like to read about famous veterans, it is important to realize that every person serving in the military is important. Each and every veteran has served their country and each one deserves our thanks.

There are two groups of people who serve in the US Military. The first group join the service and stay in the service. For these men and women, the military is their career. Most people who enter the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, are there for a limited amount of time and when they leave, they work in other careers. It is impossible to list all of the famous veterans but some are pictured below.

Alec Guinness Art Donovan Brian Keith

Audie Murphy

Audi Murphy was the most decorated soldier in World War II and he received every decoration the United States awards, including the Medal of Honor. He not only received 33 medals from the United States, but also received decorations from the Belgium and French Armies.

When he returned to the United States he played in over 40 movies until he was killed in a plane crash. He was only 46 years old. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia with full honors. His gravesite is visited by over four million people every year, second only to the gravesite of John F. Kennedy. Every year a group of non-commissioned officers lay a wreath at his grave on his birthday, June second.

George Bush Sr. Charles Durning Charles Bronson

Charleton Heston Clark Gable Colin Powell

David Niven Don Knotts Donald Rumsfeld

Drew Carey Eileen Collins Elvis Presley

Ernest Borgnine George C Scott Glenn Miller

Hank Bauer James Doohan James Lovell

John Glenn John Glenn John McCain

Johnny Carson Lee Travino Leon Spinks

Michael Collins Roberto Clemente Rocky Marciano

Shaggy Sunita Williams Susan Helms

Susan Kilrain Tony Bennett Yogi Berra

Alex Haley Dan Rather Henry Fonda

Gene Kelly Robert Stack Humphrey Borart

James Stewart Montel Williams Chuck Norris

Bob Hope

Although Bob Hope was not a veteran, veterans everywhere knew him. For almost 60 years he traveled around the world entertaining our troops who were far away from home. In 1943 he made his first trip into a combat zone to perform, and continued to bring joy to soldiers every year with his Christmas show that he started in 1948. He was nicknamed "GI Bob" and was honored by the US Congress five times. Both the US House of Representatives and US Senate, for the first time in our history, voted for him to be an Honorary Veteran. You can find out more about what Bob Hope did for our veterans at

Here is a list of some famous American veterans who were:

Admirals and Generals

General Alexander Haig
General Douglas McArthur
General Dwight D Eisenhower
General George C. Marshall
General George Custer
General George Patton
General Henry Hap Arnold
General John Pershing
General Norman Schwarzkopf
General Omar Bradley
General Philip Sheridan
General Colin Powell
General Robert E. Lee
General Thomas Stonewall Jackson
General Ulysses S. Grant
General William Sherman
General William Westmorland
Maj. General J.E.B. Stuart
Rear Admiral James Stockdale
Admiral Chester Nimitz
Jimmy Stewart -- Brigadier General US Air Force

US Presidents

John F Kennedy
Dwight D Eisenhower
George Bush Sr.
George W Bush
George Washington
Zachary Taylor
Teddy Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson
William Harrison
James Garfield
Rutherford B Hayes
Benjamin Harrison
Franklin Pierce
Chester A Arthur
Andrew Johnson
James Madison
James Polk
James Monroe
Lyndon B Johnson
Thomas Jefferson
William McKinley
John Tyler
Abe Lincoln
James Filmore
James Buchanan
Ulysses S Grant
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Harry Truman
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter


Jocelyn Elders (Surgeon General) -- US Army
Senator John Kerry- U.S. Navy, three Purple Hearts
Senator Ted Kennedy - US Army
Representative Richard Gephardt - Air National Guard
Former Vice President Al Gore -- US Army
Minority Leader Tom Daschle - U.S. Air Force
Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld - US Navy
Senator John McCain - US Navy, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross.
Senator George Mc Govern-- US Army, Silver Star & DFC
Mike Dukakis - US Army
Former Vice President Walter Mondale - US Army
Former Senator John Glenn -- US Marine, Distinguished Flying Cross (6), Air Medal with 18 Clusters
Mike Dukakis - US Army
Former Vice President Walter Mondale -- US Army
Former VP Al Gore
Colin Powell


Alan Alda -- US Army
Andy Rooney -- US Army
Art Carney -- US Army
Audie Murphy -- US Army (Most decorated serviceman in WWII)
Bill Cosby -- US Navy
Bob Keeshan -- (Captain Kangaroo) US Marines
Brian Keith -- US Marine
Burgess Meredith - US Army Air Corps
Burt Lancaster -- US Army
Carl Reiner -- US Army
Caroll O`Connor -- Merchant Marines
Charles Bronson -- US Army
Charles Durning - US Army, three Purple Hearts, and the Silver Star
Charlton Heston -- US Army
Chuck Norris -- US Air Force
Clark Gable -- US Air Force
Clint Eastwood -- US Army
Clu Gulager -- US Marine
David Eigenberg -- US Marine
Don Adams -- US Marine
Don Knotts --
Don Rickles -- US Navy
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. -- US Navy
Drew Carry -- US Marines
Earnest Borgnine -- US Navy
Eddie Albert -- US Navy (Bronze Star)
Eli Wallach -- US Army
Ernest Borgnine -- US Navy
Frank Gorshin - US Army
Gene Autry -- Air Transport Command
Gene Hackman -- US Marine
George C Scott -- US Marine
George Kennedy -- US Army
George Peppard -- US Marine
Glen Ford -- US Marine
Harvey Keitel -- US Marine
Henry Fonda -- US Navy, Bronze Star
Humphrey Bogart - US Navy
Jack Lemmon -- US Navy Reserve
Jack Palance -- US Army (severely wounded)
Jack Warden -- 101 Airborne
Jackie Coogan -- US Army
Jackie Cooper -- US Navy
James Arness -- US Army, purple heart
James Earl Jones -- US Army
James Franciscus -- US Marine
James Whitmore
Jason Robards Jr -- US Navy
Jimmy Stewart -- US Air Force
John Russell -- US Marine
Johnny Carson -- US Navy
Joseph Cotton -- US Air Force
Josh Gracin -- US Marine
Kirk Douglas -- US Navy
Lee Marvin -- US Marine (Purple Heart)
Maurice Evans -- Special Entertainment Unit
Mel Brooks (Melvin Kaminsky) -- combat engineer
Mickey Rooney -- US Army
Mike Connors -- US Marine
Mike Farrell -- US Marine
Montel Williams -- US Navy
Norman Fell -- US Army
Ossie Davis -- US Army
Richard Boone -- US Navy
Robert Duval -- US Army
Robert Montgomery -- US Navy Reserve
Robert Ryan -- US Marine
Robert Stack -- US Navy
Robert Wagner -- US Marine
Rod Serling -- US Army
Rod Stieger -- US Navy
Ronald Reagan -- US Army
Scott Glenn -- US Marine
Shecky Greene - US Navy
Sterling Hayden USMC
Steve McQueen -- US Marine
Tom Selleck -- National Guard
Tony Curtis -- US Navy
Tyrone Power -- US Marine
Clint Walker -- Merchant Marines
Werner Kemperer -- US Army
William Holden - US Army
William Conrad -- US Navy

Actors (women)

Bea Arthur -- US Marine Corps
Julia Child -- Office of Strategic Services
Audrey Hepburn, helped WWII resistance fighters


Buddy Rich -- U S Marine
Don and Phil Everly -- US Marine
Elvis -- US Army
George Jones -- US Marine
Glen Miller -- US Army
Josh Gracin -- US Marine
Shaggy -- US Marine
Tony Bennett -- US Army


Abner Doubleday (Yankee founder) -- US Army
Art Donovan (football) -- US Marine
Buster Drayton (boxing) -- US Marine
George Steinbrenner (owner of NY Yankees) -- US Air Force
Hank Bauer (Baseball) -- US Marine
Jackie Robinson -- US Army
Jessie Ventura -- Navy Seal
Lee travino (Golf) -- US Marine
Leon Spinks (boxing) -- US Marine
Mike Anderson (NFL) -- US Marine
Patty Berg (golf) -- US Marine
Roberto Clemente (Baseball) -- US Marine
Rocky Blier -- US Army
Rocky Marciano (Heavyweight boxing champion) -- US Army
Ted Williams -- US Marine
Tom Seaver (Baseball) -- US Marine
Yogi Berra -- US Navy

Astronauts (men)

Alan Bean -- Capt US Navy
Alan Shepard -- Rear Admiral, US Navy
Buz Aldrin -- Co. US Air Force
Charles Duke -- Brig. Gen. US Air Force
Cjarles Conrad -- Capt. Navy
David Scott -- Col. US Air Force
Ed White -- US Air Force
Edgar Mitchell -- Capt. US Navy
James Irwin -- US Air Force
James Lovell -- Capt. US Navy
John Glenn -- Col. Marine Corps
Mike Collins -- Brig. Gen. US Air Force
Rick Gordon -- Capt. US Navy
Rick Husband -- Col. US Air Force
Tom Mattingly II -- Read Admiral, US Navy
Tom Stafford -- Lt. Gen. US Air Force
Wally Schirra -- US Navy

Astronauts (women)

Col. Eileen Collins -- US Air Force
Col. Susan Helms -- US Air Force
Col. Nancy Jane Currie -- US Army
Col. Wendy Lawrence -- US Navy
Col. Yvonne Cagle -- US Air Force
Cmdr.Susan Kilrain -- US Navy
Cmdr. K Hire US Navel Reserve
Lt. Col. Pam Melroy -- US Air Force
Lt. Comd. Sunita Williams -- US Navy
LT. Col. Catherine Colman -- US Air Force
Cmdr. Laurel Clark -- US Navy
Cmdr. Lisa Nowak -- US Navy
Cmdr. Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper -- US Navy


Arthur Godfrey -- Coast Guard
Charles Schultz (cartoonist) - US Army
Charles Walgreen (Founder of Walgreen`s Pharmacies) -- Spanish-American War
Dave Thomas (Founder of Wendy`s) -- US Army
Ed McMahon -- Johnny Carson`s sidekick -- US Marine
Edgar Allen Poe (poet)-- US Army
Ernest Hemmingway
Evil Kinevil -- US Army
F Scott Fitzgerald
Fred W. Smith (CEO FedEx) -- US Marines
Gene Siskel (movie critic) -- US Army
George Westinghouse (Inventor, Westinghouse founder) -- Navy, Civil War
Judge Wapner -- US Army
Lee Harvey Oswald -- Assassin of President John F. Kennedy
Malcom Forbes (Publisher) -- US Army
Oliver Stone - Director
Pat Sajak -- game show host -- US Army
R. Buckminister Fuller (Inventor) -- US Navy
Theodore "Dr Seuss" Geisel
Wally Amos "Famous Amos" -- US Air Force War Cavalry
William Procter -- Founder of Procter and Gamble -- US Marine
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